British Food Recipes

There are many wonderful British food recipes that can make any occasion a good one. From the fantastic puddings to the thick and heavy stews and hearty soups, food from this culture has long been one of curiosity. There are several recipes in the British culture that could have someone asking if they are saying enough to try. Anyone thinking about trying a pudding called blood pudding could easily have reservations on the matter. Until one tries the foods of different regions however, it is hard for you to say whether they are good or bad.

Whether it is something that has been around for centuries or something that is new and exciting in the culinary foray, British food recipes will always give you something to talk about. Finding what works for your specific palette will require a bit of curiosity and a bit of nerve at times.

Warming The Heart And The Belly

If you are looking for British food recipes that are going to keep you warm on those cold rainy days, then you should look no further than that of Cottage Pie. This is an excellent example of what the British do well. They couple minced meat and heavy gravy, with the warm and creamy blanket that only mashed potatoes can provide. Joining the pie on the journey to the table will be a variety of steamed veggies that can and usually do include peas and carrots. This is an excellent dish and one that is hard to refuse. It is recipes such as this that have been keeping British citizen's tummies warm for many years. Another very similar and equally enjoyable recipe is known as Shepherd's pie.

Shepherd's pie is very much like Cottage pie, yet you will find that there is more of a variation of ingredients found in the Shepherd's pie. British food recipes would not be complete without an introduction of these warm and filling dishes. It is interesting to note that while it would appear that these recipes would be more thought to be in county setting, people from all over the area often enjoy them.

Seafood Eat Food

It would be hard not to find a few great seafood dishes gracing the menu of British food recipes at fine eateries. Everything from fine fish and shellfish meals, to the rugged yet adored fish and chip entries have a place in England. Fish is a very popular food in this area, not only because of its easy to obtain, but also for the fact that it can be cooked in so many different ways. Many of the British food recipes that have fish in them actually have been handed down to them from other countries such as Italy, Greece and Spain.

The travelers noticed just how abundant the seafood fare was off the British coasts, to it made a great deal of sense to harvest what was available for catering purposes. Today the British enjoy these dishes as their own and rarely concern themselves where the recipes actually came from originally.