10 Myths of Presentation and Public Speaking

  1. I’m better off winging it – The problem with improvisation is that it’s terribly haphazard! You’ll need some landmarks to stop you going off track. A mind map can help to plan points without scripting.

  2. I need to write out my full speech before I speak – Do you? What a hassle! A script can take longer to write than notes and is much more difficult to edit. Even more importantly, we don’t speak as we write: the language may be different and sentences are usually shorter.

  3. … and then memorise it – Hence the cause of crippling nerves and blanking out! Make life easy on yourself: remember where you’re going and where you’ve been and you’ll find it easier to know where you are now without having to memorise anything.

  4. Nerves are bad for Presentations and Pitches – Actually, if you can control your nerves instead of letting them control you, the nerves become adrenalin. In time, you’ll learn to enjoy the freedom of speaking in public (yes, I did say ‘enjoy’!). Techniques to do this, include breathing, anchoring and visualisation. More about this in future blogs.

  5. Make eye contact – Merely looking up from your cue cards or taking a break from your PowerPoint is not making eye contact. Getting a response from people by looking at them is.

  6. Begin with a joke – Unless you are a comedian, try something a bit safer. There are other, surer ways to make your audience comfortable and get a response, like those on the spice rack in this brochure. Humour is often in integral part of a familiar situation but shouldn’t be treated as a technique of its own.

  7. You can’t change your voice - Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint. But you can change it by enlarging its scope in range, speaking on different pitches, making it resonant and using different rhythms, and clarifying your articulation. It takes training and practice.

  8. Always introduce yourself at the beginning – Think of how many times you’ve been out and got talking to someone. 10 minutes later, you realise you don’t know each others’ names. A presentation or pitch works the same way: first grab attention, then say who you are. It also makes you calmer as it reflects what we naturally do when chatting to people.

  9. ‘He’s a natural.’ Just because a person has the ability to get up and talk before a group of people does not necessarily make this person an effective speaker. If a speaker is effective, s/he has most likely prepared over a length of time, gathering creative, pertinent material that have personal importance. Then s/he puts orders those thoughts clearly, using methods to engage an audience.

  10. Squeeze your buttocks - OK, maybe this isn’t a common myth but I heard someone suggesting this during a radio interview. How I wish it had been television so that we could see him walking around like he had a bad case of haemorrhoids. The rationale is that it stops women getting shaky legs when speaking and men should squeeze their thighs. The speaker obviously wasn’t a performer otherwise he’d have used some more useful methods.
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PSP Downloads

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Chemical Facial Peels Explained

Chemical facial peels have become increasingly popular over the years as a means to rejuvenate the skin in the face. The process can be very effective for those that have all sorts of skin problems, depending on what type of peel you get. The treatment works by removing outer layer skin that is damaged, dead, or simply wrinkled.

Many women and men wonder what kind of results they can expect from a facial peel treatment. This will of course depend on your skin type and treatment for you go for. There are many degrees of peels, from the light peels that can be applied at home, to the deep peels that are only available at a clinic under professional care. Couple this with the fact that certain skin types and problems react better to peels than others; results can be anything from non-visible to pretty dramatic.

You may be asking what kind of visible differences are possible after a peel. The answer is that peels are very effective at decreasing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. They can also help you get rid of acne blemishes and scarring from stretch marks and acne. Some experience that age spots go away, and also that the skin tons evens out. These are just some of the positive effects from facial peeling. But, there are some side effects that some women experience, even though the most serious side effects are rare.

As mentioned, there are some risks to having a facial peel, and usually these risks are the most severe with the deep peels. Many women experience swilling or redness in the treated area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir face. Others feel a sensation of stinging or burning. These are pretty mild side effects, and should be expected after a peel that is performed at a clinic, because these are the most thorough and effective peels of all.

The more serious side effects include infection and allergic reactions. There are some pretty nasty pictures floating around on the Internet of women and men that have had these reactions to peels, so it's important that you consult with your doctor or dermatologist to make sure you do not have any skin allergies or other issues that might prevent you from undergoing this treatment.

The costs of face peeling depends on what type of peel you choose, ranging from the cheaper light peels to the more expensive deep peels.

Learning How to Increase Vertical Leap – Important Information You Should Know

When athletes are learning how to increase vertical leap they are often bombarded with pages of information that results in a brain overload! When we are trying to learn something new often we go out trying to find out as much information as we possible can about the subject. In this case we would go out and try to find out as much as we can about how to increase your vertical jump. When it comes to learning how your body works when you jump and what muscle areas and energy you need to increase your ability to jump many athletes get confused from conflicting information. Don’t worry, I was at that stage once before as well where I was trying to sort through the pages and pages of information that I had found out about how to increase vertical leap. Oh, and don’t forget the shelves of books and reams of information scattered across my desk.

When it comes to working out one of the important factors is to have good nutrition. Did you know that when you are training your body it is using carbohydrates and proteins to fuel your body. But what happens once it runs out of these fuels? It starts to break down your muscles and use them as an energy source. This is why it is important to have a healthy, balanced and nutritional diet to prevent you from losing muscle power instead of gain it.

A common question I am asked about how to increase vertical jump is if hereditary factors plays a role. Yes some people are just naturally gifted jumpers because of their fast twitch muscle fiber to slow twitch muscle fiber ratio. The more fast twitch muscle fibers you have the more efficiently you are able to create force in a minimal amount of time. However, when it comes to this ratio you may not be able to change the fibers. However, you can change how quickly to recruit the generate power and also how much force they can generate. So realistically, if you think about hereditary factors, it does not play a major role in how high a person can jump.

Another factor that many athletes don’t know about when learning how to increase vertical jump is that there are different types of strength that affect how well you can recruit muscles to generate force to jump. When learning how to increase vertical jump we can split strength into 3 sub categories of absolute/limit strength, explosive strength and reactive strength. Absolute/limit strength is the foundation of all strength and is often the one that needs to be improved first before any of the other strengths. When we are learning how to increase vertical jump we need to focus on doing minimal reps with maximum effort because we are trying to train our explosive muscles, not our endurance muscles.